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We're a team of professional playful storytellers & constantly looking to add talented-hardworking individuals to our team!


What we DON'T 

believe in:

  • 'Factory-like' creative work

  • Copying other's / standard template work

  • A passionless job

  • The lack of excellence 

  • Squeezing dry employees

  • Solo work (because creativity thrives in teams)

  • A boring joyless job

What we believe in:

  • The pursuit of creative expression

  • Value of an individual

  • Growth of talent & abilities

  • Originality

  • Attitude & character being the backbone of success

  • The seeking of personal & team fulfilment 

  • Rewarding value


working with us:

  • The opportunity to try out many different things

  • Your ideas are always listened to, esp if they are crazily stupid

  • The space to grow

  • To be able to voice out & make a difference

  • First hand personal experience & interaction with key players of the team & with our partners

  • Space to seek self fulfilment

  • Limitless fun (if work is fun for you ;)

disadvantages of working

with a small crazy company

like ours:

  • Possibly harder or less comfortable work 

  • Does not pay as well as banks

  • Daily interaction with crazy/weird/interesting people

  • Unnecessary amount of laughter in the office (not the creepy kind) 


Full-time/ Term Contract/ Regular Freelancer Partner (3-12 months or more)

Salary: $2.5k-4k a month

Education: We don't really care

Experience: A few years of experience in production (esp in ads & campaigns)



- A sharp eye for detail

- A good understanding of Storytelling 

- An understanding of what appeals to the audience/client

- Strong communication & language skills

- On the ball, dependable, excellent, detailed. In simple words, 'Power'

- Have a great attitude & ability to learn & grow.

- Enjoys working in a team. Does not fundamentally hate people

BONUS Skills

- Bilingual or even Trilingual

- Assistant Director Skills

- Have a passion/drive to build something meaningful​

- Can take a joke or two, vibes well with the team


Full-Time/ Term Contract/ Regular Freelancer: (3-12 months or more)

Salary: $2k-3.5k a month

Education/Experience: 1-5 years of experience or related education. 

Fresh grads are welcomed too. 

No preference in race or gender. 



- Posses a good sense of pacing 

- Able to create emotions & mood through editing 

- Passionate, Enthusiastic and takes initiative to learn 

- Editing Software Proficiency

- More importantly, the desire and ability to learn & grow as an individual 


BONUS Skills 

- Basic motion graphics skills 

- Design skills and fundamentals, having an eye for aesthetics

If you're interested & could see eye to eye with what we're looking at, do send us an email to with *ALL of these 4 items:

1. CV (preferably with photo) 

2. Portfolio/Showreel (link) 

3. One of your best selected works (full length, not highlights) 

4. Answer all of these questions below:*

a) On a scale of 1-10, how normal do you think you are? (10=totally normal, 1=totally abnormal) 

b) Which do you think is more important to achieving success, having passion or being practical? Why?

(Choose one only) 

c) Talent or hard work? (Choose one only) 

d) What do you value in your career? 

e) What makes you unique & what value can you bring to Cool Cheese? 

f) What are your goals, or which direction are you heading towards? 

We will ONLY consider applicants who have submitted *all 4 items* because we want to avoid uninterested or lazy applicants. If you're suitable, we will drop you an email shortly to arrange for an interview.

Thanks & have an awesome week ahead!

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