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Through our years working in video production, we met many young filmmaking enthusiasts. People who have a passion & dream to one day make awesome videos (as a director, producer, scriptwriter, cinematographer, gfx artist, motion graphics artist, editor, etc..)

The problem that many of these people face in Singapore today, is the lack of opportunities given to them because they are either:

  1. Young in age

  2. Young in experience

  3. Have a lack of portfolio

We recognise that because we ourselves have been through this stage. As young people ourselves, we understand the struggle of pursuing our passion in this industry. 

It is a gruelling journey and we've seen many give up on their dreams, or just treat video production as their hobby years later. As such, Cool Cheese has decided to launch…

Cool Cheese Apprenticeship Program!



People who lack portfolio because they do not have enough experience or opportunities, but believe that they can achieve much if given the opportunity. 


People who have experience in certain areas but want to make a change & try out something else (for example if you work in post production but would like to switch to production but don't know how or where to start).


People who are not afraid to work hard and start small.


People who are here to learn & grow.


People who are looking to join us in the future.

How does this work?

We are offering a 3, 6 or 9 months apprenticeship period.

After an interview, we will assess and advice which period suits you best. In this period, we will give opportunities to the apprentice as we deem fit, depending on the passion, skill level & attitude of the apprentice.  Usually it will start out with minor roles, assisting in certain departments and such, until we feel that the apprentice is ready for bigger tasks such as being a 2nd or 3rd camera man or the main/2nd editor for a project. All these are actual projects that the company is working on. 


The apprentice will not only get to learn hard skills such as operating cameras, editing & other skills, he/she will also get to learn soft skills such as working in an actual team and the exposure to how real projects and clients function. Of course the speed and rate of growth for each individual is really based on one's individual drive to learn, his/her attitude & how fast they pick things up. 


The payment for this internship period will be of standard internship market rate.

What can you expect?

You can expect to have an actual taste of how working in a video production company is like (not just read in books or online), a good environment & crazily playful co-workers & mentors to work with.  

Coupled with a great attitude, hard work, an excellence mindset & a strong hunger & passionto learn, you can expect to learn valuable skills that can help jumpstart your filmmaking/video-making/storytelling passion & career.



- Idea Generation

- Conceptualization

- Scriptwriting

- Pitch Creation

- Art Direction

- Wardrobe

- Producing

- Directing

Our Goals?

1. To invest back our time into younger talents, like how our seniors & mentors have invested into us.

2. To uncover and develop talents who might work with us in the future.

We believe in nurturing talent.


- Camera

- Lighting

- Audio

- Studio



- Editing

- Colour

- Motion Graphics

If you're interested send us an email to with *all of these 4 items:

1. CV (preferably with photo) 

2. Portfolio/Showreel (link) 

3. One of your best selected works (full length, not highlights) 

4. Answer all of these questions below:*

a) On a scale of 1-10, how normal do you think you are? (10=totally normal, 1=totally abnormal) 

b) Which do you think is more important to achieving success, having passion or being practical? Why?

(Choose one only) 

c) Talent or hard work? (Choose one only) 

d) What do you value in your career? 

e) What makes you unique & what value can you bring to Cool Cheese? 

f) What are your goals, or which direction are you heading towards? 

We will ONLY consider applicants who have submitted *all 4 items* because we want to avoid uninterested or lazy applicants. If you're suitable, we will drop you an email shortly to arrange for an interview.

Thanks & have an awesome week ahead!

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