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Rickson Eleazar Tan

Commercial Director, Filmmaker, Storyteller, Content Strategist

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Walter Goh

General Manager,

Post Production Wizard, Storyteller

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Director . Content Strategist . Executive Producer:

Rickson Eleazar Tan

Years of Experience:

10 years in Media/Film/Advertising Industry


Directed & Produced over 280 videos for more than 70 well-known brands & agencies over 30 industries


Humorous & Heart-melting Stories. Objective-Driven Campaigns

Notable Success:

Produced/ Directed many high engagement/viewership rate successful projects

A director, content strategist and scriptwriter. But above all his roles & skills, Rickson is a storyteller. 


After being awarded 3 crowbar awards and a 3 year career in TV (including the appointment as the lead editor for the 2010 Youth Olympics Opening & Closing Ceremony team with an estimated live viewership of 1 billion), he was scouted to work with acclaimed Director Jack Neo; Singapore’s most commercially successful filmmaker. Under his close mentorship, Rickson began to strategize and lead in the creation of content for the 2-part movie “Ah Boys to Men”, directing, filming, scripting & producing episodic content that were aired on Cable TV & digital platforms.


One of the episodes was featured on the news & crowned as the 2013 Top 10 most viewed Youtube videos in Singapore (in 4th place, after “What does the Fox Says” and a few other international videos). These videos garnered almost 5 million organic views (which was considered a viral success in 2013) and played a key role in the films’ social media marketing strategy. The “Ah Boys to Men” movies went on to becoming the most commercially successful Singaporean films ever, breaking all past box office records in Singapore.


Rickson’s storytelling, social media content strategy skills and his understanding of the audience were further validated, as he became a full fledge director, and even appointed as the Media Director for Director Jack Neo’s first action duology movies, “The Lion Men”, where he created content that amassed a total of almost 12 million organic views, averaging over a million views per episode. Another project that enjoyed notable successes is the “Journey to NDP 2013” series aired on cable TV, where the average viewership rose more than 5100% per episode.

From then, he has gone on to work with the biggest advertising, creative & digital agencies and distribution channels such as Ogilvy & Mather, Publicis, DDB, Iris Worldwide, Havas Media, Leo Burnett, HBO Asia, MM2 Entertainment, etc, and major brands such as Exxon Mobile, Philips Electronics, Intercontinental Hotel Group (IHG), L’Oreal Group, Abbott, Logitech, Singtel, Himalayan Herbals, Changi Airport, Scoot, Fullerton Hotel, etc, and even government arms such as MCCY, MOE, WDA, NCS, SATS, etc. In the last couple of years, he has personally lead and closed $1.7million worth of projects.


Evident in his works, his weakness is in doing things the ‘normal’ way, and his niche is in creating ridiculously humorous and emotional authentic content; Humour with a heart - often taking bold steps to experiment, play and create original concepts. Regardless of whether it is an advertisement, a TV production, a short film, a campaign, a documentary, an animation film, or even a feature film, as long as there is a story to be told, he is up for the challenge.


Together, they have gone on to work with a multitude of regional and international (industry-leading brands) partners and clients, mostly leading these projects in the capacity of a content strategist, executive creative director, creative director, executive producer & director of photography.

Cool Cheese Productions has grown from a 1-man-show, to a strong company that does professional storytelling from pre to post, even owns its own studio and is in the process of expanding internationally.


Regardless of whether it is an advertisement, a TV production, a short film, a campaign, a documentary, an animation film, or even a feature film, as long as there is a story to be told, he is up for the challenge.

His modus operandi is to not just tell a good story, but to craft stories through the eyes of an audience, capturing their attention with a layer of entertainment, designed to trigger, relate, engage and resonate, ultimately achieving the objectives of the project/brand.

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Post Production Wizard/ Storyteller:

Walter Goh

Having won several awards at the 2008 Crowbar Awards in 3D Animation, Directing and Editing and having his works featured in CG Overdrive’s “Cg Excellence” category, SIGGRAPH 2013 in Los Angeles, and also at Lille3000 in Gare of Lille-Saint-Sauveur, France, Walter Goh caught the attention of the multiple Academy® Awards winning post-production studio, Double Negative.

Walter was offered a position in the 3D department of Double Negative Singapore, where he worked on award winning titles like ‘Interstellar’ and ‘Thor: The Dark World’. After a year, he was promoted to Animator to create Animation works for big budget Hollywood movies like ‘The Hunger Games: Mockingjay’ and ‘Bridge of Spies’.

After 3 years in Double Negative Singapore, Walter’s thirst for creative fulfilment was still unsatisfied. He decided to join Cool Cheese Productions, a young video production company with boundless potential, on board as a post production specialist, with the aim to raise the level of the video production industry through his expertise in post production.


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Daniel Yam, Director

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Vinod, Director, DOP

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Clare, Director

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Khai, DOP


Vinnie, Director

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